Two beautiful weddings

Two of the 11 weddings we have this year were for 2 of Dan’s cousins of which who are two of our best friends. 4th of July weekend we had Dan’s cousin Chuck’s wedding who married the beautiful MaryAnn.  Dan was a groomsman in that wedding so I took Ada to church with me and she was wonderful and fell asleep on me like 2 minutes in, so I didn’t have to worry about her making a peep.



I dropped her off at my parents house afterwards and met up with Dan at the reception. Such perfect weather for a beautiful couple! Here are a few pictures I took from that day!





Just last weekend we had another wedding for Dan’s Cousin Amy who also happens to be one of my best friends. She had an adorable DIY wedding, she made almost everything herself from her bouquets to her sash on her dress, the centerpieces and more. It was another beautiful summer day to watch them tie the knot! Again we brought Ada to the church for her 3rd wedding and took her to my parents for a sleepover. Here are some more wedding pictures from their happy day!

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My Favorite Holiday

Every year on the 4th of July we go to my friend Jill’s house for a pool party. For now, we’re the only ones with a kid, Ada is still pretty young so it wasn’t too much of an issue, but next year we’re going to have to do something different. I look forward to this pool party so much every year because it just screams summertime! It’s always beautiful weather, hot and sunny and ALL our friends come over to play. We play games in the park across the street from her and then walk over to her house and grill burgers, snack and drink beer until it’s time to walk to the fireworks. This is just the 4th of July for us!

Having Ada was different this year but still fun since she is at that age where everyone just loves to play with her and hold her. She isn’t mobile on her own yet so we just played in the grass, walked around the park and then let her splash around in the pool.
We decided to forego the walk down to watch the fireworks and instead met up with Ada’s friend Abby and did something a bit more child friendly. We still went to watch the fireworks, but we drove somewhere else, and just parked off the side of a parking lot so we could make a quick escape. Both the girls fell asleep before the fireworks ended anyway!

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4th of July (2)

4th of July (3)
4th of July (1)