The end of week 29!

Once again I am behind, so I’m actually posting while in my 30th week, but you get the idea….the update will be from last week!

Lisa and Dan tied the knot on Friday July 26th, it was absolutely perfect! The weather was beautiful and the bride was even more beautiful! I really cannot believe she is married already, it felt so far away and now its come and gone, which means Baby Mags is going to be here soooo soon too! Below are a few pictures I will share from the wedding, I just can’t help myself, it turned out so perfect!

Me and my husband!

Proud Dad walking the beautiful Bride down the aisle!
How far along? End of week 29
Total weight gain/loss:  Still up 24 lbs. as far as I know
Maternity clothes?  We know my answer to this one
Stretch marks?  None
Sleep: Sleeping ok. Waking up more in the middle of the night, not really to pee, but just because I am uncomfortable. The belly is getting heavy so even sleeping on my side now requires that I tuck a pillow under me, which isn’t the most comfortable, I’m thinking it may be time for one of those body pillows, but I just hate how much room they take up in bed.
Best moment this week: My sister’s wedding!! It was so much fun and everything was so great! She did such a great job planning everything (with my help of course – yes I’ll take a little credit!) It was a very long day, but due to wedding tradition, I tried not to leave the dance floor too much, and I hardly sat down all night, which I paid dearly for on Saturday, but it was worth it! We had a nice recovery day and by Sunday Dan and I were ready to be productive around the house! We got SO much done in the nursery (which is my second best moment this week). The dresser is now fully assembled, and stocked with some clothes that I got (and bought myself) we put the crib together, and I bought a few more decor things, like some art for the walls and a new table lamp. I’m hoping to do a nursery sneak peak picture soon, but I’m waiting until things are a little more finished, getting so close though!

Miss Anything? The usual….wine, my old summer clothes, sitting, standing and walking normal. Feeling like my old self in general. Growing a human is tough work, I’m so glad there is a finish line for this!

Movement:  I don’t think I even need to answer this question!! Of course there is a ton! Dan and I get a kick out of watching my whole stomach move at night when we’re on the couch. I tried to get a video of it, but it just doesn’t do it justice. Its also so weird when I get lopsided. She still seems to be breech as far as I can tell, with her head on my right side. I’m waiting to feel something different in hopes that she’s flipped over.
Food cravings: Not much, I get full so easily. I guess Ice cream is still a hot item, but I think its every pregnant women’s excuse to just eat all the ice cream she wants!
Anything making you queasy or sick: No
Have you started to show yet: Getting pretty big, not really liking it, ready to put my skinny pants on again! (I am excited to start seeing Fall clothes out in stores, it means I can can shop for my normal size soon hopefully)
Labor Signs: I get a shooting pain on my right side sometimes, especially when she give me a good swift kick, but no labor pains yet. Still terrified to answer yes on this one!
Belly Button in or out? Out, you can now see it in almost everything I wear! It does go flat when I lay in bed though, I think Baby Girl just kicks it out during the day!
Wedding rings on or off?  On, they seem to be feeling a little tighter lately but I don’t plan to take them off unless they hurt me.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! I am so excited to see the nursery take shape, and the closer we get to the shower the more things I am starting to get! Its so fun coming home from work to packages on my door step, gifts for my little girl! Makes everything way more real now that she has a room in the house where there are so many baby things.
Weekly Wisdom: I’m feeling a little run down this week. Got some sort of a bug (sore throat, runny/stuffy nose) I think between the wedding, family in town, and getting so much done around the house I over did it a little bit. I’m trying to take it easy this week, have a big party to go to this upcoming Saturday with friends but I’m only going for the day instead of staying over night. I feel like I may need to just slow down a little and rest, hard to do with so much going on but my weekly wisdom for myself is to just take it easy!

Looking forward to: My Shower in a week and a half, Dan’s dad will be in town for that. Looking forward to seeing a lot of friends and family, that I haven’t seen much this summer!

And here is my photo that I FINALLY remembered to take this week. It is actually a few days into my 30th week, but I don’t think I got that much bigger in a few days! Although at this rate you never know. I feel like a cow!


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