A day with friends

Every year since I was 16 my friends from high school and I have gone to our friends dad’s place out on a small lake in Batavia, NY. This year was the 11th year (I think) that we have been going, and I was so excited to introduce Ada to a place where my friends and I have made sooo many memories! Since this particular camping trip is a bit reckless and rowdy, we didn’t feel it was appropriate to spend the night, but we thought we would drive up and spend the day at the lake with everyone. I was sad to not get to spend the night, since it’s always a good time, but I’m also not really good at late nights or drinking anymore, and since there are few things worse then having to be a parent and being hungover, I tend to limit myself. Despite not spending the night, we had a great day. Ada even took a nice long nap for me in the stroller so I could enjoy the afternoon with my friends.

Cody's CabinCody's Cabin (2)Codys Cabin (4)Cody's Cabin (5)Cody's Cabin (3)

I think she enjoyed herself, she was the first of our second generation to make an appearance at this annual party, which was kinda cool.  Next year Dan and I will be sure to get a sitter though!


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