Ada’s First Birthday Party

Ada’s first birthday was a huge success and so much fun! We had everyone over to our house, and because the weather wasn’t looking good, we moved everything inside, luckily we have a big house because it was a huge guest list. I think there were at least 80 people in my house! The Bills game was on, so we had 2 TVs set up, the back room turned into the room for all the kids and babies and the front room ended up being more of the grown up who didn’t have kids. Worked out perfect.

I did a huge taco bar in order to feed that many people without breaking the bank and it was a huge hit. We had everything you could think of for tacos and nachos . Dan’s mom did the cake for us, and I made a few other little snack things for people to pick at.  

Ada had a special cupcake to eat and I think she really enjoyed everyone singing Happy Birthday to her.


Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the party yesterday.

birthday birthday(2)

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