Our Family Trip to the Adirondacks

Just got home from our annual trip to the Adirondacks, It was my 7th year going with Dan’s family and I learn to enjoy it a bit more every year. This year was Ada’s first year, last year I was mega-pregnant! We all had a really great time, she was the perfect age to travel with this year, still young enough that we could relax, but not mobile enough that I had to follow her around. She was happy to just sit on my lap, nap in her stroller and had no problems sleeping, which is always my biggest fear when travelling. She also did great on the 4 hour car ride both there and back!

We took her on a hike, and she loved riding in the backpack with daddy.

Adk hike (2) ADK hike

We tried to take her on a boat ride, but that lasted a hot second with the life vest. She did okay at first and then wanted nothing to do with it, so we had to leave her behind with Grandma while mommy and daddy went out.

adk (3)

She of course loved the swings at the little playground we have right at our cabins, and was more then happy to hang out there all day if we let her!

adk (5)

She was not too sure about the sand at all. In fact she ended up hating it, I don’t think she liked the feeling of the ground moving under her little feet.  I’m sure by next year she’ll be over that though!

adk (1)

And of course with such a gorgeous background, I couldn’t resist doing a little photoshoot with my two loves.

DSC_0850adk (6)adk (7)

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