Weekend recap

It was a fun weekend and really, really hot! We spent some more time playing outside with the hose and in the kiddie pool. The Thunderbirds we’re in town this weekend for the Niagara Falls Airshow. We debated going because it was so hot and traffic can be really bad in and out of the airbase, but we decided to risk it and try to go. My sister is 7 months pregnant so I was worried about her, and of course a toddler in any uncomfortable situation is a nightmare.  We went and had a lot of fun though!

airshow airshow 2 airshow 3

We had brunch with Dan’s family Sunday and for breakfast we had ostrich egg that his cousin brought. I’ve never seen an egg so big before. We poked a hole in the bottom and drained all the egg out so that we could preserve the shell. da thought it was pretty cool.

Huge Egg

And before we knew it, it was Monday again and we are back to work. Summer is going by too fast but we sure are enjoying it!

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