House Reno {Before and After}

This post has been a long time coming… I’ve been wanting to do this forever and just never got around to it. I love good before and after pics and if there is one thing we love its to buy fixer uppers and renovate. Its tough living through renovations but it’s so worth it in the end. Plus we end up with things exactly how we like it! We’ve done a lot of work to our current house and our downstairs bathroom is the latest project we did. Dan’s Uncle has helped us do two kitchens now and I loved them both!

In this house he torn down a wall in between the kitchen and living room to open it all up. Here is a view from the same side of the kitchen, where we can now see all the way through to the living room.


And here is the view from the other side. The kitchen was virtually unusable when we moved in, the openings for both the stove and the fridge were too small for modern day appliances, and it obviously just needed a cosmetic overhaul!



We also did a few things to the living room to make it flow a bit nicer with the new modern kitchen. We added some crown molding around the top and spruced up the fireplace a bit. Its hard to compare this one, when there was no furniture in the house before. These are some of the realtor photos!


The upstairs bathroom, was a quick fix, cosmetic project that he did while we waited 2 weeks for our Corian countertops to come in. We just updated the vanity and toilet, he put down some new flooring an added some electrical outlets so we could actually use things like hair dryers and straighteners. The before picture is a horrible shot, but you can clearly see how outdated it was!


That was all work that we did when we first moved in. Since then we’ve also added a beautiful back deck to our house, and updated the downstairs bathroom. I’ll do a part two to this post soon. The deck is done but we plan to stain it this summer after its had a winter to weather. So I’d rather show that when its 100%, plus we’ll have the garden planted in the spring too! We plan to update the front of the house landscaping as well as soon as the snow melts!

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