37 Weeks- Full Term!

We have officially made it full term!! This has been my goal. I wanted an “early” baby, but I also wanted to make sure we got to a point where everything with baby would be nice and healthy. Ada arrived at 37 weeks, 6 days perfectly healthy and currently we are 37 weeks 3 days! I would be good with her coming ANY time now.

I talked with the doctor again on Friday and we are going to try a Version procedure on Thursday to see if we can get her to flip. The funny thing is that she did something last night. The big lump I had digging into my ribs on the right is gone and now I have a big lump lower and on the left. I’m not sure if she flipped on her own or just moved around, but everything feels different. I have a call into the doctor right now to see what I should do. We have to go to the hospital for the procedure Thursday, check in to labor and delivery, the whole works, so I’m hopeful that she did it on her own. I actually feel much more comfortable today then I have in weeks! We may be back to the waiting game.

I am not looking forward to the Version if we have to go that route, its when they physically turn the baby from the outside by pushing on my belly. I’ve heard everything from its extremely painful to its uncomfortable, so I don’t know what to even expect from it. Its about a 50/50 success rate, so we don’t even know if it will work and things could always go sour and we’ll need a c-section anyway.

Ada helped me bring the last few baby items up from the basement the other night. She set them up in a corner so that her chair was right by the play mat where baby will lay and she could read to her and play with her. So sweet, I cannot wait to see her as a big sister, she is already doing awesome!


Here’s what’s going on this week: (For the record, 37 weeks was the last post I made with Ada before I announced she was here!! Fingers crossed!!)

How far along? 37 Weeks, 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: 30 lbs.

Maternity clothes?  Yes, and having meltdowns in the morning, mostly over the size of my belly button. 

Stretch marks?  I still think I see one sneaking up, Dan said he thinks its a vein, I’m not too sure!

Sleep: Sleeping ok. Same as last week, some nights I am out cold and waking up super achy from not moving all night and some nights I spend the whole night switching from side to side. Fortunately I don’t really “wake up”, so I feel like I’m getting a good night sleep still. The only thing I am not ready for when this baby arrives is the sleeping part, or lack of. I really love that my other “baby” has been such an amazing sleeper and I pray this one is like her big sister!! I am terrible on lack of sleep!

Best moment this week: I think feeling like she has turned. I guess I’ll find out for sure soon enough, but for now I’m going to say whatever she did last night gave me some relief with the breathing stuff and jamming my ribs. Even driving in the car wasn’t as painful as its been.

Miss Anything? Same answer as last week. Feeling like me. It’s so difficult having a foreign being over take my every thought and feeling. She is all I can think about all day, she is all my body is able to handle right now. Every ache and pain is her. I am ready to start getting back in shape, eating normally again (I’m either a bottomless pit, or can’t fit another ounce of food in me) and get back to taking care of my home and family like I always have. I haven’t been keeping up with housework or dinners or groceries (and right now I just don’t care) and that bothers me.

Movement: Still moving a lot, I felt like it slowed down yesterday and I was ready to call the doctor today, but she was very active all night and I still feel her dancing away in there.

Food cravings: Not really.  Kind of the opposite, I don’t know what I ever want and nothing really jumps out at me at all. I feel like I’m just eating because I’m starving but struggle to find something I really want.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope

Have you started to show yet: Obviously! I will never understand those “I didn’t know I was pregnant” stories….mind blowing they don’t notice this kind of discomfort.

Labor Signs: Timing those braxton hicks and literally looking for any sign at all that labor is near. But nothing yet.

Belly Button in or out? No response needed.

Wedding rings on or off? Still on but getting tight sometimes. I take them off at night now because my hands swell and then they are hard to get off for the shower. But they are still going back on for daytime and aren’t too bad.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Fairly happy, the end is getting closer and closer and I cannot wait to meet her, tell everyone her name and watch Ada become the best big sister. I’m trying to remind myself that the pain is temporary.

Looking forward to: I’m not even sure right now? I don’t know if I’m waiting for labor to start, hoping the version works on Thursday, or counting down to my c-section. I hate the uncertainty and unknown about the end of pregnancy, its all a mystery to everyone. What and when and how this little miracle will arrive, all I know is I am looking forward to meeting her!

No belly picture right now, I keep forgetting to take one.  I will try to edit this post with a pic IF if remember to take it. Instead, here’s one of Ada being adorable, she’s cuter then me anyway!













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