38 Weeks – Waiting

So we did the version procedure last Thursday, and let me tell you, I do not wish that on my worst enemy. It was so painful!!! She did not flip on her own as I was suspecting maybe she did, turned out she just slid from my right side to my left, which is why I was feeling everything different. My doctor had me come in Wednesday for a sono and check in and she thought we’d be a good candidate for the version still. The Version was SUCCESSFUL! They did get her to turn, and she managed to stay in a head down position, (some babies flip back).

It was the most awful thing I’ve ever experienced though. First off, its such a tease. You check in to labor and delivery, go through all the questions, get dressed in the gown, the belt and all the monitors just like you would if you were having the baby. Except you have to leave empty handed! I had two doctors from my practice do the procedure and it felt like they were just punching me in the stomach for 3 minutes straight. It was quick but felt like forever. After they got her to turn, I don’t know if it was the pain or anxiety or what, but I felt like I was going to pass out, I couldn’t catch my breath and my hands were going numb, so they had to run an IV for fluids and give me oxygen to calm down. I was finally coming around, and then we had to stick around and be monitored for about an hour before we could leave. Fortunately, baby did fine, her heart rate stayed level and she did what she was supposed to do.

I was incredibly sore for the next two days and had to take it easy. I actually wasn’t ready for her to come those days because I really needed a little time to recover. By Sunday I was feeling back to “normal” (meaning, huge and uncomfortable still, but at least not bruised and beaten). So I was ready to start trying anything to get her out. Sunday morning I binge cleaned the whole house and made sure every stitch of laundry was washed. Nothing. I went and got a mani and pedi, but the foot rub part was sub-par.  We went to a friends house for dinner and I tried a glass of wine (It worked for Ada). But nothing. And I tried eating a whole tub of pineapple! Still no baby!

Since I didn’t include a 37 week picture in last weeks post, here is the one I did remember to take after I posted my last update.


And of course as soon as I start taking pictures, Ada wants in on the action, so one of me and my big girl as well…..

IMG_0245 2

Here’s the 38 week update, I eliminated a few questions that are obvious so we could focus on more important things!  We just had a doctors appointment this morning so I’ll start with that:

Baby is still head down as far as we can tell by feeling. she said I was about 2 cm dilated, so we’re making some progress. But she said I was only measuring 36 weeks and I had a lot of amniotic fluid still, which makes it more likely that she could still flip back again. So they decided that I’ll have one more check in on Monday the 12th with the Doctor and then if she doesn’t make an appearance on her own by the 13th we’re going to induce. So we’re waiting but the good news is that I won’t go past the 13th. To have a date and to be avoiding the c-section makes me feel much better. I’m so anxious but I’m going to try and cherish this last week of sleep and calm in my house. Its day by day how I am feeling, yesterday was awful and frustrating and uncomfortable and then today I’ve been feeling much better and even did a 1.6 mile walk on the treadmill to try and get something going.

How far along?  38 weeks 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: up 34 pounds, I made a 4 pound jump this past week. I always pack it on in the end!

Stretch marks? Nothing yet.

Sleep: Sleeping ok. Not great. Since we did the flip, I’ve been sleeping with a pillow between my knees to give her a little more room to drop. It feels better but it makes turning from side to side really difficult. I usually wake up several times and sometimes have a hard time getting back to sleep, mostly because my mind races.

Best moment this week: Best and Worst I would say. Getting her to flip. I’m very glad we can try to do this birth natural now as I was very upset that I’d have to go through c-section recovery. Especially since we have a trip to Florida planned in May and I’d like to start getting back to myself sooner then later. I’m also very happy to have a scheduled induction in case she doesn’t come in the week. I at least am back to having an end in sight.

Miss Anything? Same answer as always, just feeling normal. Just so done with this pregnancy!

Movement:  Lot’s of movement still, trying to pay close attention to what I feel where so I know what position she is in, but basically I haven’t got a clue how she is jammed in there. I’m glad the doctor today confirmed that she is pretty sure she’s got her head low, a butt on top and the heartbeat was right where she would expect it to be.

Food cravings:  Still a lot of sweets. Probably where the 4 pounds in one week came from. I made a special trip out to Dessert Deli the other night because I wanted something good, that wasn’t jelly beans or Hershey kisses. So I found my way to these beauties…IMG_0246

Labor Signs: I had about an hour and half Sunday night when I thought maaaybe. I had some really bad cramps and I timed contractions for about an hour and they started 10 minutes apart, then 11, then 13, then 18…. and then I fell back to sleep because I lost hope as they started getting further apart rather then closer together. I woke up Monday morning feeling worse then any other day and so I was hopeful that maybe something was going on, but that day came and went and now here we are at Tuesday, still waiting again. Fortunately I was feeling better today then I was yesterday, makes waiting a tad easier.

Wedding rings on or off?  Rings are still on, I’m pretty happy about that actually despite packing on the pounds recently.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Moody! So over it and ready to meet my new little girl. I’ve waited this long and I’ve gone through hell and back to get her here, so I’m ready, its time to move on.

Looking forward to: Meeting her within the next week! Getting her out and on the road to our new normal. Getting my body back to being just mine again and watching Ada become a big sister. She has waited so long for this and I know how anxious I am and I understand time and what’s going on, this girl is so impatiently waiting for her best friend and she doesn’t even know it yet!

Sunday morning snuggles in her favorite place, with “her baby”. 

And here’s a 38 week bump. Another bathroom selfie, no make up, and pjs… its all I’ve gotten around to this week! Getting huge!