Happy Birthday Ada!!!

Last post on my Ada’s first birthday I promise!  I just simply cannot get over how fast this year went. We couldn’t be more blessed to have had Ada make us a real family and I feel like sometimes I can’t even remember life before she was part of it. I have loved so much watching this little girl grow and change right before my eyes. When we look back at some of the pictures and videos from the first few days she was home with us I can’t even believe it’s the same girl now. The amount of change that happens this first year is like nothing else. I hope not every year goes this fast but she has really shown me what life is all about. Not everyday is beautiful, and I certainly have moments where I feel like I miss the old life we had, but I couldn’t imagine ever not having her be part of me. She has made me feel like a bigger and better person. I’m a mom and that’s the most important role in my life now!

I struggled a lot this year with having to work full time and not being with Ada, especially early on when she was so tiny. And I struggle a lot now that she is a little older and more fun and interactive. This summer was hard when I knew she was splashing in pools, toddling through the sprinkler or playing outside in the sun while I was working. It wasn’t in our cards for me to stay home at this point in our life and I know it’s not going to get any easier, even though people say it does.

We both took the day off today and we took Ada to the zoo. It was so nice to spend the day together, we had so much fun and we look forward to celebrating many more special birthday’s with our little lady!  Happy Birthday to my one and only Ada Morgan!







First Birthday Photo Shoot

I am so excited to share some of Ada’s first birthday pictures we recently did. I am so happy with how they came out and cannot be more excited to get ready for her First Birthday next weekend! I can’t believe how fast this year flew by and that she is already one. More to come on this topic!  The photos we’re all done by Dan’s Cousin Ashley May Photo, who has done a great job with all of Ada’s first year photos, and we are so grateful to have  a photographer in the family!

photoshoot photoshoot(3) photoshoot(2)


Photoshoot(5) Photoshoot(7) Photoshoot(8) Photoshoot(9)