32 Weeks and counting….

We had a very busy week and after my shower on Saturday, I think I am almost fully prepared for this little girl!! I cannot thank all our friends and family enough for their generosity and help in getting us ready for baby. I think we received almost everything we need for her, with the exception of a few things, which I am lucky enough to have gift cards for! Now its just me trying to organize everything and finish with all my nursery decor, (which I know I said I would do – a nursery sneak peak). Luckily organizing is one of my favorite things to do, so I’ve had a lot of  “fun” opening everything, washing things and getting everything put away. I made great progress this weekend, and even managed to put together some of the big things all by myself (except the rock n play which my sister helped me assemble!) And its no easy fete to put this stuff together when you can’t bend at the waist or sit on the ground for more then a few minutes without a leg falling asleep, so yes I am tooting my own horn on this!
I am working on all my Thank You cards this week, but in case you are reading this in advance of that, THANK YOU if you sent us a gift, we can’t say it enough and are now more then ever ready to meet our Little Lady!

How far along? 32. 3 days (yes I am actually posting this update on time for once)
Total weight gain/loss:  I actually gained about 5 pounds since my last appointment, which I was a little surprised by, but that puts me up 29 lbs.
Stretch marks?  Nope
Sleep: Sleeping like a baby (haha) Sleeping really well actually, starting to fall asleep early on the couch again, which I haven’t been doing too often, but also sleeping well through the night. I hardly ever get up to pee (which I feel is amazing) tossing and turning sometimes when I can’t get comfortable. But this morning Dan got up really early to go play golf and I didn’t even hear him leave, which is unheard of from me
Best moment this week: Our Shower on Saturday August 10. My sister, Dan’s sister and our mom’s hosted a great shower!! Everything was absolutely beautiful, the colors all coordinated with my nursery colors, the favors were adorable and they had “Advice to the mother-to-be” cards out, which they posted on a great big board that matched our invitations. Everything was awesome, and as I’ve already said we got so much of what we need for this baby and are so thankful that we have so many people in our lives that are willing and able to help us prepare!
Miss Anything?  I’m going back to wine!! Dan and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this week and went to a nice dinner and of course all I wanted with dinner was a big glass of wine! So close, yet so far away!!
Movement:  Still so much activity, I would think she is running out of room. Her head is starting to ram my ribs on the right side. She is still breech and laying sideways, and if I push down on her head to get her to move down her little legs kick me on the left side. I can’t win this! I like to describe some of her movement as a cat stuck in a bag… my whole stomach moves when she gets going. Dan tried to get video, but she was being a little camera shy whenever he pulled it out she stops and if he puts it down she starts up again.
Food cravings:  Not really, I don’t seem to get full anymore, I can eat and eat. I told Dan I wasn’t a fan of that because when we go out to eat I never have leftovers for lunch anymore, and that makes me a little sad! Nothing better then leftovers!
Anything making you queasy or sick: No
Have you started to show yet: Silly question.
Labor Signs: I had a doctor appointment yesterday and I explained to the doctor that when she (and my stomach) gets really hard sometimes I feel almost paralyzed for a few seconds and it gets hard to breath, she said I was experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions, and nothing to be worried about but I need to start paying attention to how frequently this happens. If I get more then 6 in an hour, its time to call. So far we are getting them about once every hour or so. So I think we’ve got some time! But kinda scary that its getting that close!
Belly Button in or out? Out and so squishy!
Wedding rings on or off?  Ah, I had to ditch the wedding band. The engagement ring still fits fine, but the band was getting a little tight to slide over my knuckle and I didn’t want it to get stuck. So I wear that around my necklace now. Sometimes I still slide it on because it just looks so bare without it! Definitely sleep with  both off though because my hands get so hot at night.
Happy or Moody most of the time: I can actually say I’ve been a little moody this past week. Feeling so happy and so lucky after my shower and everything, but my poor husband is getting a little taste of my hormones I think! Its weird being a little over emotional because that’s not like me at all, but this week I’ve definitely noticed that I am a little over sensitive… didn’t think I would get like that but guys should know we’re doing all the work here and although nothing has changed for them just yet, a lot has for the lady! I think that’s whats driving me more crazy then anything.
Weekly Wisdom: I think, see above should do it. My wisdom is for the hubby’s out there, life has changed a bit, (even though baby isn’t here yet) embrace the change and support it!!
Looking forward to: Completing the nursery! Now that we finally have everything we need, I cannot wait to finish it up and feel as though we are really ready for her whenever she decides to come. I want it all done way ahead of time and then I can sit back and actually relax knowing that I have everything ready.
Photos coming soon!! (I promise – nursery and bump pics)

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