33.3 Weeks

I had to make sure I did my post today because I am 33.3 weeks and 3 is my favorite number, maybe today is good luck!
I am starting to get really uncomfortable and I am totally over being pregnant! Caryn had her baby boy on Saturday August 17th and I pouted all day to Dan that I wanted mine out too! (Real mature I know!) She’s getting so big, and her movements are so strong that I feel like my whole insides are being twisted and turned, and its really uncomfortable! Plus these braxton hicks that the doctor says I am getting are getting more frequent and they hurt a lot more!
I did get some news last week when the doctor called to notify me that they have established a date for my c-section (I guess they have no faith that my little lady will turn on her own) She has wedged herself comfortably sideways with her head ramming into my ribs! September 30th at 7:15 am, unless she decides she doesn’t want to wait that long and has some other plans, but we won’t be having an October baby after all. (At least I don’t have to go through labor) I have another doctor appointment on Monday the 26th, where they said they would give me some more information, so hopefully we’ll know more after that. I’ll likely be getting another sonogram soon just to confirm her position.
Since that date is a week earlier then my due date, we have a little less time to prepare then we thought, so we are down to less then 6 weeks, and since I feel like babies don’t like to be that predictable in having a solid date on the calendar, I think she’s going to throw us for a loop and come sooner. I don’t want to be too confident in that date, so I’m trying to get everything ready in the next 2-3 weeks.

How far along? 33.3 weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  up 29 lb. at my last appointment
Maternity clothes?  Yes, but ALL my clothes are starting not to fit again (since I refused to buy too much maternity stuff) but I’m so close now I can’t justify buying anything new!
Stretch marks?  None, I keep making Dan check under my belly since I can’t see anymore!
Sleep: Once I’m asleep I’m fine, but any position I lay in is uncomfortable. I have to strategically place pillows to prop myself up!
Best moment this week: Hearing that we have a date to meet our babe! Not that I am ready to undergo major abdominal surgery or anything, but Its really nice to have an end in site, and to know I won’t go past that date!
Miss Anything?  Being comfortable.
Movement:  I don’t even need to answer this, we all know she is a little bit crazy at this point in the game!
Food cravings:  Cocoa Crispies every morning as my first breakfast.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I am very sensitive to smells all of a sudden again, nothing has really bothered me all throughout but now if something stinks, I immediately notice!
Have you started to show yet: I can’t wait until my “showing” starts going the other way now.
Labor Signs: Getting those braxton hicks a little more frequently, sometimes its  worse then others, but I’ve had to start keeping track for the doctor now.
Belly Button in or out? Out, Dan says my turkey timer is done!
Wedding rings on or off?  Wearing my engagement ring, but the wedding band is permanently on my necklace now.
Happy or Moody most of the time: I’m still happy, but I am getting sooo tired of being pregnant that I think I’m a little more whiny then ever before. I complain about everything in the evenings because I’m always hot, or I can’t get comfy, or I’m too hungry, or too full. I don’t handle pain or being uncomfortable very well and Dan will convince me to take a walk or something just to “ambulate” as he says! But it gets us moving and usually puts me to sleep, which is the best!
Looking forward to: September 30th!!!!
And as promised I have a few sneak peak pictures of our nursery. I am still waiting for a lot of our big pieces like our glider and area rug to come in, and we have a lot of little things to finish, but I’m really excited with how its coming along!
The closet was nice and organized before the shower, now its loaded up and I have some re-organizing to do!


This is the corner where our glider will be going, I’m also hanging some book shelves on the wall that are yet to be painted and hung up!


The dresser and changing area are almost complete, I still feel like it looks a little bare, so working on that! The changing pad cover has arrived since I took this photo though.


Our crib… there will be some more shelves on the wall to the left. As well as a rug which will make it more complete.

And that’s all for now, next time I post these pictures it will be complete, all we’ll be missing is our little girl!

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