One Month already!!

I am sorry for disappearing but its a lot harder to blog with a newborn! I thought I would write a quick post about how our first month has been! I finally feel like we are coming out of our funk and getting the hang of it. I feel better and we’re starting to get our rhythm down.  The first week was really hard. We didn’t get any sleep, we had people constantly wanting to come over and breastfeeding just took up all my time. I felt like thats all we were doing, every 2 hours and it took us at least a half hour to feed. By the time we were done it felt like it was time to do it all over again.  Even now I still feel like life revolves around feeding her. Honestly if it weren’t for the breastfeeding everything would have been a lot easier, probably why so many people stop, but I’m glad we’re fighting through because now it is starting to get easier and its nice to always have her food with us when we’re out if she gets fussy! 🙂

She has been an amazing baby, she is so easily comforted when she cries. Its either a messy diaper, hunger or she just wants to be held and fortunately she’s one of those babies that once she falls asleep we can easily put her down and walk away. She is a really good sleeper, she even gave us a full 8 hours when she was 3 weeks! (we haven’t had another one of those yet, but I’ll take what I can get) She did sleep 6 last night, and she’s starting to go a solid 4-4.5 at night which is so nice.

She loves taking baths, and I think the nights we give her a bath are the nights she sleeps for longer periods of time (which means we’re upping the number of baths we give her now!) Dan and I now do walk-a-bouts all over the house, sometimes she fusses like crazy if we sit, but as soon as we start walking around she is fine. Good thing we have a big house now! She is a great eater, she has been right from the beginning. She was 6 lb. 13 oz when she was born and dropped down to 6 lb. 4 oz when we left the hospital, the next day when we went to the pediatrician she had gained 1 oz. and by her 1 week appt. she was back up to her birth weight, the doctor said a lot of babies take several weeks to get back up, so we know she’s eating well. Now at one month I can’t wait to see how much she weighs, we go to the doctor on Wednesday! I’m guessing at least 8 pounds now. Still a little peanut, but to me she seems soo much bigger already!!

Here’s a little photo shoot covering her first four weeks……

I have gone photo crazy with her so here are a few of my favorites from the first month. Again I will share her birth story when I get some time, I have a ton of photos that my amazing hubby managed to capture in the moment so I will share those soon!
Going Home
First Night Home
Hanging out!
Oh My! Love that face!
Napping on Mommy
Play Time
Sound asleep with Daddy

More to come!! 🙂

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