Baby Savannah {Newborn Pictures}

I was pretty excited my sister trusted me enough to take newborn pictures of my new niece Savannah and while they aren’t as good as a pro, I thought I did a decent job getting some beautiful pictures! It was a lot of fun playing with her for the afternoon and she did so good, she slept for most of it and was awake for some so we got some pictures of both. We had to stop to feed her once at the beginning, but otherwise Savannah was a little doll. Right up until the end when she pooed all over my fur blanket. Still not really sure how I’m going to get that one clean! Here are a few of the finished edits I did! Enjoy!


I’m an Auntie!!!

My first little niece finally arrived last night!! We welcomed Savannah Marie into this crazy world at 8:11 pm on September 18th! Just 4 days before my Little Ada’s 2nd birthday, making them almost exactly 2 years apart! I am so happy Ada has a little girl cousin so close in age. It takes a little pressure off me wanting our second baby to be a girl, I wanted her to have a sister so bad since I know how special it is to have a sister you are close to, so at least now she’ll always have her cousin!


She’s a tiny little peanut weighing only 6lb. 9oz., My sister and brother in law are doing great after 25 hours of labor. Everyone was very tired.

Today was Ada’s 2nd birthday party, (which I’ll catch up on later). Things were a bit hectic at our house this morning as I was preparing to have 10 toddlers, 2 infants and 24 adults in my tiny house. Dan’s Dad was in from out of town and fortunately they were staying with us, so we were able to leave Ada behind and run up to the hospital before her party and meet the baby! My sister was bummed she couldn’t be at Ada’s party, but Ada won’t remember, from now on we may be doing joint parties!

I am so excited for my sister to join the mommy club!! And so proud of her for enduring the longest labor ever!! I had no words of encouragement for her on that since Ada was born in a matter of about 7 hours, start to finish! (I got really lucky), but she did amazing and now she has the most exciting, tiring and rewarding days of her life ahead!

Apparently the pressure is back on me for the next baby again! Dang! Here’s a few more pics I took while we visited!



Almost 6 Months

Its hard to believe Ada is almost 6 months old.  I was just reading back on my post from when she was just one month and it was so amazing to read my thoughts during that time. Those first four weeks were definitely some of the most challenging times and its funny now because we feel like she’s been with us forever. 6 months isn’t that long but we really can’t even remember what life was like before Ada was part of it. I wanted to try and go back a little and recall some special moments since that post!
 Meet Barrett, this is my girlfriends beautiful baby boy who was born just 5 weeks before Ada. This photo is from one of their first play dates together! They are going to be the best of friends, but Bear’s mommy and Ada’s daddy are cousins, so we will need to remind these two as they grow up that they are related to one another!!

Ada’s first Halloween she was my little lady bug! She did such a great job playing the part too, just look at those little bug dimples!

She continues to absolutely love bath time, and I still swear by the fact that she sleeps better when she has a bath. She’s been such a great sleeper, from 8 weeks right through Christmas we were getting a solid 10 hours a night, every single night. We back tracked a little over the holidays but I think we had her schedule all out of whack with all the holiday parties and house guests!
Little peanut is such a chill baby, she loves just hanging out on the couch with mom and dad after work, now that she’s a little older she likes to lay by herself on the couch and not so much with one of us, she’s snuggly but I think she likes her freedom too. After being held for too long baby girl just likes to stretch out and play on the floor or couch!



This girl LOVES football! Whenever we needed a distraction we put her in front of a football game! Lucky for us she was born during football season! We’re hoping she doesn’t have her Daddy’s temper when it comes to the Bills losing. (She better learn that the Bills never win and she shouldn’t get her hopes up!)
Finally below are some pictures from Ada’s first Christmas! Even though she was still so little at Christmas, it was amazing to see her expressions for everything. She loved all the lights on the Christmas tree, and she was so amazed Christmas morning, we sat her in the Bumbo seat and opened presents with her, my favorite one is her expression when we opened her Elf on the Shelf (below). I also did my best to do a Christmas Photo shoot with her in her outfit. I did this a few weeks before Christmas with the intention of doing a Christmas card, and I captured some of her first great big smiles, the one below was one of my favorites, you can almost hear what a happy baby she is!



One Month already!!

I am sorry for disappearing but its a lot harder to blog with a newborn! I thought I would write a quick post about how our first month has been! I finally feel like we are coming out of our funk and getting the hang of it. I feel better and we’re starting to get our rhythm down.  The first week was really hard. We didn’t get any sleep, we had people constantly wanting to come over and breastfeeding just took up all my time. I felt like thats all we were doing, every 2 hours and it took us at least a half hour to feed. By the time we were done it felt like it was time to do it all over again.  Even now I still feel like life revolves around feeding her. Honestly if it weren’t for the breastfeeding everything would have been a lot easier, probably why so many people stop, but I’m glad we’re fighting through because now it is starting to get easier and its nice to always have her food with us when we’re out if she gets fussy! 🙂

She has been an amazing baby, she is so easily comforted when she cries. Its either a messy diaper, hunger or she just wants to be held and fortunately she’s one of those babies that once she falls asleep we can easily put her down and walk away. She is a really good sleeper, she even gave us a full 8 hours when she was 3 weeks! (we haven’t had another one of those yet, but I’ll take what I can get) She did sleep 6 last night, and she’s starting to go a solid 4-4.5 at night which is so nice.

She loves taking baths, and I think the nights we give her a bath are the nights she sleeps for longer periods of time (which means we’re upping the number of baths we give her now!) Dan and I now do walk-a-bouts all over the house, sometimes she fusses like crazy if we sit, but as soon as we start walking around she is fine. Good thing we have a big house now! She is a great eater, she has been right from the beginning. She was 6 lb. 13 oz when she was born and dropped down to 6 lb. 4 oz when we left the hospital, the next day when we went to the pediatrician she had gained 1 oz. and by her 1 week appt. she was back up to her birth weight, the doctor said a lot of babies take several weeks to get back up, so we know she’s eating well. Now at one month I can’t wait to see how much she weighs, we go to the doctor on Wednesday! I’m guessing at least 8 pounds now. Still a little peanut, but to me she seems soo much bigger already!!

Here’s a little photo shoot covering her first four weeks……

I have gone photo crazy with her so here are a few of my favorites from the first month. Again I will share her birth story when I get some time, I have a ton of photos that my amazing hubby managed to capture in the moment so I will share those soon!
Going Home
First Night Home
Hanging out!
Oh My! Love that face!
Napping on Mommy
Play Time
Sound asleep with Daddy

More to come!! 🙂

Introducing our new Baby Girl!!!!

She has arrived, all on her own and 2 weeks early! We were also able to avoid a C-section! Ada Morgan made her debut on September 22, 2013 at 10:26 am, 7 hours after being admitted into the hospital! Baby Ada was very ready to meet us! She was 6 lbs. 13 oz and 19 3/4 long. She is my little peanut for sure and has daddy wrapped around her finger already!

So far we are loving parenthood and couldn’t be happier with our new little family member, she is sleeping and eating very well. Its a lot of work and breastfeeding is probably the hardest thing about all this. But everyone is doing fabulous. I will post her birth story another time, but for now here are some pictures we had done at the hospital and some even cuter ones we had done at 6 days old! (yes she is already a week old – I’m gonna be hard pressed finding time to blog now, as if I already wasn’t bad enough posting updates on time!)