Baby Savannah {Newborn Pictures}

I was pretty excited my sister trusted me enough to take newborn pictures of my new niece Savannah and while they aren’t as good as a pro, I thought I did a decent job getting some beautiful pictures! It was a lot of fun playing with her for the afternoon and she did so good, she slept for most of it and was awake for some so we got some pictures of both. We had to stop to feed her once at the beginning, but otherwise Savannah was a little doll. Right up until the end when she pooed all over my fur blanket. Still not really sure how I’m going to get that one clean! Here are a few of the finished edits I did! Enjoy!


I’m an Auntie!!!

My first little niece finally arrived last night!! We welcomed Savannah Marie into this crazy world at 8:11 pm on September 18th! Just 4 days before my Little Ada’s 2nd birthday, making them almost exactly 2 years apart! I am so happy Ada has a little girl cousin so close in age. It takes a little pressure off me wanting our second baby to be a girl, I wanted her to have a sister so bad since I know how special it is to have a sister you are close to, so at least now she’ll always have her cousin!


She’s a tiny little peanut weighing only 6lb. 9oz., My sister and brother in law are doing great after 25 hours of labor. Everyone was very tired.

Today was Ada’s 2nd birthday party, (which I’ll catch up on later). Things were a bit hectic at our house this morning as I was preparing to have 10 toddlers, 2 infants and 24 adults in my tiny house. Dan’s Dad was in from out of town and fortunately they were staying with us, so we were able to leave Ada behind and run up to the hospital before her party and meet the baby! My sister was bummed she couldn’t be at Ada’s party, but Ada won’t remember, from now on we may be doing joint parties!

I am so excited for my sister to join the mommy club!! And so proud of her for enduring the longest labor ever!! I had no words of encouragement for her on that since Ada was born in a matter of about 7 hours, start to finish! (I got really lucky), but she did amazing and now she has the most exciting, tiring and rewarding days of her life ahead!

Apparently the pressure is back on me for the next baby again! Dang! Here’s a few more pics I took while we visited!