Girlfriend Getaway – Our Bahama Cruise

So many of my closest friends are not yet doing the kid thing so I try really hard to make sure I take time to still be in my twenties (for another year) with them. Two of my best friends Jill and Katie who are a bit travel obsessed take a trip every December so I decided to tag along this year. We booked a cruise a couple months ago and we flew out to Miami for a long weekend. We left Friday morning, jumped ship (literally) by around 2:30 in the afternoon and by Saturday morning we were in the Bahamas. It was just a three day cruise, but I seriously felt like we were gone much longer. Not sure if It was because I missed my baby so much or just being in the Caribbean makes time slow down!

Our first stop was Atlantis, which was a bit of a cluster trying to figure out what we wanted to do on the island, but we eventually made it to the resort. I’m not usually a fan of water parks, or even pools for that matter. I prefer to sit near the pool. But since everyone else was doing the water park I didn’t want to sit out by myself all day. I am so happy that I did it, we had such a blast and it was just so much fun to play in the water like a kid! We even did the iconic Leap of Faith slide that Atlantis is known for!



The other island we hit was a private Island that Norwegian Cruise Lines owns and we had an awesome day just relaxing and getting some sun before going back to cold winter in Buffalo.


It was so nice to get away with my girlfriends for a weekend and as much as I missed my hubby and baby girl, I think its really important to take time for yourself and recharge your batteries. Making sure I still feel like me helps me to be a better mom and spending time with my girlfriends is so important. Now I just need to convince Dan that we need to take a trip with just us since kids tend to suck the life out of you as a couple too!


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