Celebrating the Holidays

Christmas is getting so close and it’s so much fun to do Christmas with a child, I keep talking up Santa Clause, hoping she gets it by the time she comes downstairs Christmas morning. She gets some things, like presents, although doesn’t quite understand what they are for I’m sure.  She loves the Christmas tree in the house and all the lights. We’ve been busy trying to fit in all the usual magical holiday stuff. We took her to see Santa a few weeks ago at Kelly’s Country Store, they are known for having the best Santa around, he comes down the chimney and there are real reindeer outside the window. They do a phenomenal job and our friends family grew up with this being a holiday tradition so we decided to start going with them.  Ada did not enjoy seeing Santa though.

This photo below makes way better Santa memories then her sitting nicely on his lap! I will forever cherish this photo of her meeting Santa for the first time.

Santas Lap(1)



We had my dad’s fireman holiday party the following weekend and she did much better with him, She made me sit with her this time, which was kinda awkward. My dad got an awesome photo though of her giving him a high five!


We had one more holiday party that same day, and went right from one party to the next. Dan’s family has gotten so big that their family party is hosted at the banquet hall his family owns. And since they are too large of a family to get together on Christmas they do it a couple weeks before. It’s always a good time and there are so many kids. We were able to get a great family photo done too!



Like most things this Christmas, she doesn’t quite get anything but is receptive to it. I’m looking forward to the next few years when she is old of enough to really enjoy and understand the magic of Christmas! So far its been a great holiday season!

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