The Move, the new house & Renovations

We finally closed on the new house! Moving is NOT fun, and its even worse with a toddler in tow. Every time I packed stuff into boxes there would be Ada two steps behind me unpacking boxes! We had the worst time trying to get a closing date on the old house and the new house to line up, which made it impossible to schedule movers. We had to be out of our old house by Monday and we couldn’t get into the new house until Monday, despite no one living in our new house for the past two years. We tried to get access to the garage so we could start moving stuff in, but they said no. It was complete hell trying to get this coordinated, but we finally decided on just renting a large moving truck and doing it all our self.


Ada in a box

We had a crew of friends and family come over on Saturday to help us load the truck up, then there it sat until Monday, when we finally went to city hall to sign our life away. We then flew back to old house before the new people got there and drove our enormous truck over to the new place, where we had another crew of friends and family over to help us unload the truck at 5pm until like 10:30 at night. Exhausting!  Ada slept at my parents that night so we didn’t shock her with a new life she didn’t know she was walking into!

The past few days have been very hectic and disorganized. Our kitchen is being renovated right away, so we aren’t unpacking anything, which is making feeding the family really tough. Its also leaving tons of boxes stacked in every corner of our already small house making it feel so cramped. Nothing is child proofed, which is really the worst part. I used to be able to leave her unattended for a few minutes and feel okay she wouldn’t destroy something or kill herself and now its like a free for all playground for her, with stuff she shouldn’t have at her fingertips and oh what fun she is having exploring it all!

As far as renos go, we are gutting the kitchen and tearing a wall down in between the kitchen and living room so it feels more open. We also have to replace some flooring and the toilet upstairs and Dan wants crown molding in the living room, so that’s what’s on the agenda first. Phase two hopefully will be the exterior, with new siding (we have the worst mint green color), new landscaping, since the bushes are going to eat this house alive in the summer, a new front door and hopefully  a new patio out back since that is going to be the one thing I miss more than anything this summer! All in good time, for now I just want to get life put back together a little inside!

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