Baby Bump! 12 Weeks and more exciting news!

We’ve almost made it through the first trimester!! Nothing makes me happier then to get over this hurdle since I know the risk of miscarriages starts to drop dramatically. We had another doctor appointment with sonogram today, and we took Ada along to see the baby, she wasn’t as into it as I thought she’d be, but she was excited after the fact that she was there!! Everything looked great, heart rate was 157. She had a guess as to the gender but said she wasn’t confident enough to confirm that, but she did tell us her guess!! I tried to schedule the appointment for as late in week 12 as I could. We’ll either be waiting until 18 weeks, which will be around the end of October, or I might consider a trip to Baby Bungalow, which is a neat little place that does 3D sonos, but they kinda cost a lot! We have an idea now which might be enough to hold me over, but we’re not sharing until we are sure and right now I’m not sure what I want to do once we find out or how we plan to share the news.

Before I do my weekly update I wanted to share our exciting house news!! I last left off saying we put an offer in on our dream home, and after some price negotiations, our offer was accepted!!! I was driving in my car on my way to work when I got the news and I shrieked with joy and laughter, followed by a whole lot of happy tears! I’ve never done that before! Damn hormones! We quickly took care of all the odds and ends and accomplished in two days what takes most people 2 weeks, but we were able to officially sign off on everything, including a home inspection before we left for vacation! Here’s an outside picture of our new home from…

Haverton Ext

I could not be more excited to call this new place home! We’re aiming for a 45 day close since the house is vacant and our current house sale is a cash offer, so as long as we can keep our bank and attorney’s moving, we should be able to wrap this up pretty quick! I’m ready to get in there! It needs ZERO work! Which is just the most refreshing thing for us to move in and not need to start 10 reno projects. We should be all settled by the holidays and I’m excited to host some parties this year and get ready for our new addition to come HOME here!

I’ll try to keep updated with how that progression is going, moving while pregnant should be fun, but It will be nice to be settled back in soon!

On to my 12 week update!

How far along? 12 weeks, 5 days

Total weight gain/loss: Still 4 pounds (or zero pounds since my first doctors appointment which is probably the number they will start from)

Maternity clothes?  Not much, I have the jeans but haven’t worn them much because they fall down easily. I bought a new sweatshirt thing to wear with my leggings once the weather starts changing, still too warm now, but I’ll probably live in that shortly!

Stretch marks? No

Sleep: Ada is killing me with this lately, she’s usually up at least once, if not twice a night for something. Sometimes its for much too long, like an hour or more. Sometimes its quick but once she wakes me up I have a million thoughts running through my head. Between packing, moving, a new baby, work, birthday parties, or one of the other hundreds of things I have to do, I simply cannot fall back to sleep easily.

Best moment this week: Having another sonogram today and seeing our little peanut look more and more like a baby. It was moving around a lot again and we have insight into a gender now which is a little exciting but still makes me anxious since it could still change.

Have you told family and friends: Same as last week, I don’t think anyone new has found out since them!

Miss Anything? Not really anything right now

Movement:  Saw the baby moving a lot on the screen but I haven’t really felt anything since last week when I THOUGHT I was feeling something, maybe soon though since it does seem to always be moving.

Food cravings:  Not anything specific, been having a hard time finding what it is I want to eat again, tried a salad for lunch the other day (trying to eat healthy) and I just couldn’t do it, I do feel hungry all the time, I just never know for what!

Anything making you queasy or sick: The cold I have had has had me feeling under the weather, and left me with a lot of headaches, I’m hoping its all related to the head cold and not to my headache trends that I tend to get. I hate having to take anything with a baby on board, but they get so intense sometimes I don’t have a choice.

Have you started to show yet: I have moved to the couches at my office because its more comfortable to lean back and put my feet up, the big bubble in my stomach makes sitting up at a desk feel uncomfortable, but we’re still really just popping out at night time for the most part! Starting to show more for sure and hopefully we’ll be at the cute bump stage soon and out of the fat stage.

Gender prediction: I feel bad for answering this question now because the sono tech gave me her insight and I feel slightly biased, But I’ll answer based on what I would have went off before, those old wives tales. The heart rate dropped pretty low compared to where it was two weeks ago 171 down to 157, and lower means boy (supposedly), but I hear anything over 140 is girl. I still think based on timing it would be a boy, but my gut says girl. We’ll have to wait and see!

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? I don’t even want to answer this question anymore because its so strange and I can’t even keep up with what its doing.

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! As usual! I feel so relieved after today’s sono to see that all is well. I get so incredibly nervous before a sono appointment and I just feel so happy when its over to know its all good.  It gives me such peace to see it moving, see the heart beat, the brain, arms, legs, everything. It looks so perfect already and I’m just so happy and blessed that I am able to do this again!

Looking forward to: Confirming the gender! We have an idea now, but there is just something special about knowing and starting to plan and imagine what your family will look like in a few months. I love so much my relationship with Ada, and I really hope for a boy so Dan can enjoy the special bond of father and son like I do with mother and daughter, but I also love my little girl so much and would take a whole house of them if that’s what is in store for us! Keeping it a surprise just doesn’t sound fun to me, I get so excited to start thinking about our family as soon as I can!!

Took this picture in the mountains last week, but it was on Saturday the official start to week 12!

A tiny 12 week bump starting to pop out!

And another sono picture of our little baby actually starting to look like a real baby! An adorable little side profile of the face. Its weird since sonograms all kinda look similar, but I feel like this is exactly what Ada’s 13 week picture looked like too, lol

12 weeks 5 days

And a cute one of Ada doing some light reading in the doctors office. Good thing she is reading up since she went back to school this week!! Pre-k 4!


The Move, the new house & Renovations

We finally closed on the new house! Moving is NOT fun, and its even worse with a toddler in tow. Every time I packed stuff into boxes there would be Ada two steps behind me unpacking boxes! We had the worst time trying to get a closing date on the old house and the new house to line up, which made it impossible to schedule movers. We had to be out of our old house by Monday and we couldn’t get into the new house until Monday, despite no one living in our new house for the past two years. We tried to get access to the garage so we could start moving stuff in, but they said no. It was complete hell trying to get this coordinated, but we finally decided on just renting a large moving truck and doing it all our self.


Ada in a box

We had a crew of friends and family come over on Saturday to help us load the truck up, then there it sat until Monday, when we finally went to city hall to sign our life away. We then flew back to old house before the new people got there and drove our enormous truck over to the new place, where we had another crew of friends and family over to help us unload the truck at 5pm until like 10:30 at night. Exhausting!  Ada slept at my parents that night so we didn’t shock her with a new life she didn’t know she was walking into!

The past few days have been very hectic and disorganized. Our kitchen is being renovated right away, so we aren’t unpacking anything, which is making feeding the family really tough. Its also leaving tons of boxes stacked in every corner of our already small house making it feel so cramped. Nothing is child proofed, which is really the worst part. I used to be able to leave her unattended for a few minutes and feel okay she wouldn’t destroy something or kill herself and now its like a free for all playground for her, with stuff she shouldn’t have at her fingertips and oh what fun she is having exploring it all!

As far as renos go, we are gutting the kitchen and tearing a wall down in between the kitchen and living room so it feels more open. We also have to replace some flooring and the toilet upstairs and Dan wants crown molding in the living room, so that’s what’s on the agenda first. Phase two hopefully will be the exterior, with new siding (we have the worst mint green color), new landscaping, since the bushes are going to eat this house alive in the summer, a new front door and hopefully  a new patio out back since that is going to be the one thing I miss more than anything this summer! All in good time, for now I just want to get life put back together a little inside!

Always do what’s best for you!

January and February have been pretty uneventful lately, we haven’t been up to much. Oh, we sold our house! Yes, we sold our dream house, but we are excited to be moving on to a new adventure. We have many reasons for why we did it, but mainly it’s for the financial freedom. So many people stay in situations where they can’t ever get their heads above water and we just didn’t want to ever find ourselves in that boat, so we made some tough decisions and took the first step. We took advantage of a hot market in our neighborhood and sold the house for more than we paid, including all the upgrades we did. We will miss this house for sure, but I always promise myself never to look back and regret any decisions made. You do what you need to do at that moment in time and just trust yourself!

We close on the new house at the end of March. We’re really looking forward to the location of our new place. We have two families that we are really close with that live walking distance to our new home. We all had our first baby the same year, and we’re excited to live so close and let the kids grow up together. While I don’t think this new house will be our forever house, I think it will be super fun to have our friends right down the street, especially while the kids are so young.  I don’t think Dan and I will ever have a forever house! I think we are content with change and how life is forever changing, and we are open to accepting that and always doing what is best for our family!

Here are a few pictures of the new house, as is from the real estate listing! Its pretty terrible I’m warning you! We have a lot of work to do to make it our own, but we’re up to the challenge and have some big plans once we’re in!

1B466752_1_01B466752_3_01B466752_5_01B466752_8_02015-01-26 16.18.452015-01-26 16.19.23