Making time to run

I recently started running again after taking quite a bit of time off. Fitting in a workout between working full time and being a mom can be really tough. Running is something I pretend to like but it can be really hard. There is nothing better than the feeling of finishing a run, completing a race or beating your last time, but honestly the hardest part of running can be lacing up and going out in the first place. I’ve been trying to set race goals for myself this summer and in the past that has always worked, but for some reason none of my friends were doing any races this year and so I didn’t want to do it alone, what’s the fun in that?

The best motivation I’ve had this summer has been my little A who happens to LOVE the jogging stroller. I can’t take her on long runs since her attention span is short, but so far she has been a great running buddy and has gotten me out there several times.Rrunning with her is still hard, but at least I have my little buddy with me!

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4 thoughts on “Making time to run

  1. Sounds like you just described all of my runs! This is why I’m not a runner. Hopefully you don’t keep getting them, but I know there is stuff to do to avoid it, I just never took the time to learn. Good job actually going out and running though! You gotta start somewhere. Lacing up those shoes is the hardest part sometimes!


  2. I had one of those run’s today as well! But we got out there and we did our best and that’s what matters! Not every run will feel awesome, but keep at it, cause thankfully they won’t all feel bad!


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