Ada’s birthday getaway

Ada’s birthday was on a Tuesday this year and I couldn’t take the day off work, she was at my parents on her actual birthday. They ordered pizza for lunch and I came over to join them for my lunch hour. My sister and Savannah also came, so we had a little party! It was also the first time Ada got to meet her new cousin Savannah and hold her!


Meeting Savannah

The weekend following her birthday we took her to the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester. (link) It was so much fun! Its about an hour drive from us, so we got a hotel room for the night, took her out to dinner and went swimming in the pool.

The museum was amazing, we could have done two full days there and still not seen it all. She loved the Wegmans grocery store, where she could push the cart around, shop for groceries and then cash out at the registers.  The Sesame Street set was great, she recognized all her favorite characters of course!


After the museum we all needed a quick nap at the hotel and then  we took her out to dinner. We couldn’t find anything super child friendly that appealed to Dan and I, (we hate chain restaurants) so we risked it and took her out for sushi! She did great! She loved the edamame, I tried shelling it for her, but she found it more fun to try and eat the bean out of the pod, so that kept her busy, she also loved playing with the chopsticks, but who doesn’t??


The following morning we checked out, took her to breakfast and drove home before the Bills game started! We had a great weekend celebrating my two year old and hope to make this a fun tradition!



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