How daycare is going

Yesterday we started our third week of school. You heard all about the first week here (link). It was a little rough but in general it was exactly what I expected.  It’s been getting better and better everyday.

Last week, the drop offs were all a little iffy, sometimes she would even start crying at home or in the car as soon as she figured out where we were going, but once I left she was fine all day. The teachers all said she is doing great, and all her end of the day reports were exactly normal behavior for her.

I think it helps a lot that she goes to my parents house on Monday’s because it starts the week out on a good note. She is comfortable and familiar there. This Monday she actually walked up behind me and pushed my legs and said “go to work mommy”! Well okay!

Yesterday, we didn’t talk about where she was going at all while we got ready, so she wasn’t thinking about it. As soon as we were in the car she cried all the way there after she asked where we were going and I said school. (When I say all the way to school, this is about a 3 minute drive) When I dropped her off though she was a little hesitant but went to Miss Kim easily and she walked off with little tears.

Today was our best day yet. I avoided talking about it at home again and just got her and I both ready as usual. All the way to school I just talked to her. We talked about Aunt Lisa and baby Savannah coming for dinner that night, about Santa Clause and Boo the Elf (her elf on the shelf) who arrives next week. We talked about the houses we drove past and the clouds. Anything to distract her. When we parked I got a small whimper about “no school”, but she walked in with me easily. When we saw her friends sitting around the table eating breakfast they all yelled “Ada!!” like they were so happy to see her. Miss Kim took her and Ada actually reached out for her. And that was that. No tears at all!

Next week is a short week because of Thanksgiving, but she’ll still go twice. I suspect by the beginning of December she’ll be a pro. She’ll also have grandma back once a week and we can get used to our more permanent schedule.

daycare banner

Read all about the first week here!

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