Halloween recap and lots of photos

We had a lot of fun celebrating Halloween this year! Ada picked her own costume and I made it myself, which you got a sneak peak of from the Boo at the Zoo. Since she was Cookie monster, she wanted “Baby Vanna” to be Elmo and since they were coming over to trick-or-treat with is on Halloween my sister had me make a costumer for her too. They made the cutest little Cookie monster and Elmo I’d ever seen!



We’ve had week filled with Halloween stuff, we painted a pumpkin for the kitchen table and made a special snack to share with our friends. Ada was so proud to walk them down the street and deliver them.



We also carved our pumpkins the night before Halloween, which Ada loved, for about 5 minutes, then I had to do the rest.



My sister’s fam came over on Halloween night and we met up with our friends and took them all trick-or-treating. The kids really got the hang of it by the second or third house, so it was a lot more fun this year.


Halloween 2015Halloween 2015 (1)

We concluded our night by staying up late in anticipation of daylight savings and hoping that we wouldn’t have to wake up at 4:45am on Sunday. Ada helped Uncle Dan give Savannah her bottle before calling it a night! Happy Halloween!



Weekend Recap

We had an extra long weekend thanks to Mr. Columbus! Saturday we took the kids to the zoo, for Boo at the Zoo and they got to wear their halloween costumes and trick-or-treat at each of the different exhibits. It was a beautiful day so luckily we didn’t have to wear coats over our costumes. The kids really enjoyed getting treats and handing over their card to get a punch at each stop, and then we got to look at the animals.


We had a nice picnic lunch that we all brought from home and then it got close to nap time and we had some meltdowns and had to call it a day.


Daddy has been working a lot lately because he has a big event coming up where he is competing for $1 million dollars for his new start-up company, so he had to work on Monday, my day off. Me and a couple girlfriends took all the kids to a local farm for some good old fall fun!

They had a great time and the weather was perfect. We got to take a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch and pick our own pumpkins and then we took the horse drawn carriage back to the barn.



The kids all got to have a pony ride, we had a picnic lunch in the small barn and then visited the petting zoo. On our way out we got some popcorn and some beautiful purple mums for our front porch!



Ada had a meltdown when we had to leave and screamed bloody murder almost all the way home, until we were about 2 minutes from home when she fell asleep. (always) So I decided to leave her in the car and drive to my parents house for awhile.

It was a fun, festive weekend for us and we hope this great weather will last a little bit longer!



Halloween Recap

We celebrated Ada’s second Halloween Friday but it was her first time trick-or-treating! The weather was horrible, it was cold and rainy, luckily she is still so little so we just did a few houses and walked around the corner to check out a neat haunted house display.

Hlloween 2014Halloween 2014 2 Haloween 2014 3 Haunted house

My sister and her husband Dan came over to hang out with us. They were going to pass out candy for us while we took Little A out trick-or-treating, but we ended up just shutting off our lights for about 15 minutes and all going out. We came back, put Ada to bed and then made some Halloween snacks and drank wine. A perfect little Halloween Night! Now we can get ready for Thanksgiving, which is one of my favorites!