How daycare is going

Yesterday we started our third week of school. You heard all about the first week here (link). It was a little rough but in general it was exactly what I expected.  It’s been getting better and better everyday.

Last week, the drop offs were all a little iffy, sometimes she would even start crying at home or in the car as soon as she figured out where we were going, but once I left she was fine all day. The teachers all said she is doing great, and all her end of the day reports were exactly normal behavior for her.

I think it helps a lot that she goes to my parents house on Monday’s because it starts the week out on a good note. She is comfortable and familiar there. This Monday she actually walked up behind me and pushed my legs and said “go to work mommy”! Well okay!

Yesterday, we didn’t talk about where she was going at all while we got ready, so she wasn’t thinking about it. As soon as we were in the car she cried all the way there after she asked where we were going and I said school. (When I say all the way to school, this is about a 3 minute drive) When I dropped her off though she was a little hesitant but went to Miss Kim easily and she walked off with little tears.

Today was our best day yet. I avoided talking about it at home again and just got her and I both ready as usual. All the way to school I just talked to her. We talked about Aunt Lisa and baby Savannah coming for dinner that night, about Santa Clause and Boo the Elf (her elf on the shelf) who arrives next week. We talked about the houses we drove past and the clouds. Anything to distract her. When we parked I got a small whimper about “no school”, but she walked in with me easily. When we saw her friends sitting around the table eating breakfast they all yelled “Ada!!” like they were so happy to see her. Miss Kim took her and Ada actually reached out for her. And that was that. No tears at all!

Next week is a short week because of Thanksgiving, but she’ll still go twice. I suspect by the beginning of December she’ll be a pro. She’ll also have grandma back once a week and we can get used to our more permanent schedule.

daycare banner

Read all about the first week here!

First Day of School {daycare}

Starting daycare as a toddler (yikes)

Ada started school this week (aka daycare)! Grandma is going to Florida for the whole month to visit Dan’s brother who is expecting their first baby in March. They just bought a house, so she’s going down to help them get all set up. Since she watches Ada 3 days a week it was time to look into daycare. It was just as well, we have been spoiled with 2 years of free childcare, and I really felt like it was time for Ada to start school in a more structured and educational environment, make more friends and of course pick up tons of germs!

She was so excited because her friends Abby & CJ go to this school. I don’t think she knew what it was entirely, but she was excited anyway!



The drop off went really well on the first day because I don’t think Ada understood that I would be leaving her there all day. The teachers said she was on and off with being happy and sad all day. She threw a couple fits throwing herself on the floor, which isn’t typical behavior for her and she wouldn’t really nap or eat much. All very normal for such a huge change. They warned me the second day would be worse dropping her off and it was. It was an all out kicking and screaming shit show trying to leave. They just pulled her off of me and basically kicked me out. I cried a little once I hit the car. When I came back to get her Miss Kim said she was like a different girl, she participated in everything, she napped, she ate all her lunch. She only had a hard time at the very end of the day when the other kids moms and dads were starting to pick up. Today, the drop off was still rough, she cried a lot but the kicking and screaming subsided. The end of the day report was great though, she had another great day playing and learning.

To reward her for finishing her first week I made her favorite dinner (spaghetti) and then we went to White Rabbit for some FroYo, which she loved because they had red Mickey Mouse sprinkles, which obviously is the best thing ever!


I’ll report in a couple weeks as to how the transition is going. I’ve been reading a lot about starting school at this age and most comments are very similar. Its a huge change for a kid at this age, I just tipped her world upside down, removing grandma completely and forcing her to stay with strangers all day long. After a  few weeks they start coming around, some kids take longer than others, but I am hoping that since she has her two friends Abby & CJ with her that she’ll get used to it quickly. Time will tell!


Halloween recap and lots of photos

We had a lot of fun celebrating Halloween this year! Ada picked her own costume and I made it myself, which you got a sneak peak of from the Boo at the Zoo. Since she was Cookie monster, she wanted “Baby Vanna” to be Elmo and since they were coming over to trick-or-treat with is on Halloween my sister had me make a costumer for her too. They made the cutest little Cookie monster and Elmo I’d ever seen!



We’ve had week filled with Halloween stuff, we painted a pumpkin for the kitchen table and made a special snack to share with our friends. Ada was so proud to walk them down the street and deliver them.



We also carved our pumpkins the night before Halloween, which Ada loved, for about 5 minutes, then I had to do the rest.



My sister’s fam came over on Halloween night and we met up with our friends and took them all trick-or-treating. The kids really got the hang of it by the second or third house, so it was a lot more fun this year.


Halloween 2015Halloween 2015 (1)

We concluded our night by staying up late in anticipation of daylight savings and hoping that we wouldn’t have to wake up at 4:45am on Sunday. Ada helped Uncle Dan give Savannah her bottle before calling it a night! Happy Halloween!



Weekend Recap

We had an extra long weekend thanks to Mr. Columbus! Saturday we took the kids to the zoo, for Boo at the Zoo and they got to wear their halloween costumes and trick-or-treat at each of the different exhibits. It was a beautiful day so luckily we didn’t have to wear coats over our costumes. The kids really enjoyed getting treats and handing over their card to get a punch at each stop, and then we got to look at the animals.


We had a nice picnic lunch that we all brought from home and then it got close to nap time and we had some meltdowns and had to call it a day.


Daddy has been working a lot lately because he has a big event coming up where he is competing for $1 million dollars for his new start-up company, so he had to work on Monday, my day off. Me and a couple girlfriends took all the kids to a local farm for some good old fall fun!

They had a great time and the weather was perfect. We got to take a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch and pick our own pumpkins and then we took the horse drawn carriage back to the barn.



The kids all got to have a pony ride, we had a picnic lunch in the small barn and then visited the petting zoo. On our way out we got some popcorn and some beautiful purple mums for our front porch!



Ada had a meltdown when we had to leave and screamed bloody murder almost all the way home, until we were about 2 minutes from home when she fell asleep. (always) So I decided to leave her in the car and drive to my parents house for awhile.

It was a fun, festive weekend for us and we hope this great weather will last a little bit longer!



Baby Savannah {Newborn Pictures}

I was pretty excited my sister trusted me enough to take newborn pictures of my new niece Savannah and while they aren’t as good as a pro, I thought I did a decent job getting some beautiful pictures! It was a lot of fun playing with her for the afternoon and she did so good, she slept for most of it and was awake for some so we got some pictures of both. We had to stop to feed her once at the beginning, but otherwise Savannah was a little doll. Right up until the end when she pooed all over my fur blanket. Still not really sure how I’m going to get that one clean! Here are a few of the finished edits I did! Enjoy!


I’m an Auntie!!!

My first little niece finally arrived last night!! We welcomed Savannah Marie into this crazy world at 8:11 pm on September 18th! Just 4 days before my Little Ada’s 2nd birthday, making them almost exactly 2 years apart! I am so happy Ada has a little girl cousin so close in age. It takes a little pressure off me wanting our second baby to be a girl, I wanted her to have a sister so bad since I know how special it is to have a sister you are close to, so at least now she’ll always have her cousin!


She’s a tiny little peanut weighing only 6lb. 9oz., My sister and brother in law are doing great after 25 hours of labor. Everyone was very tired.

Today was Ada’s 2nd birthday party, (which I’ll catch up on later). Things were a bit hectic at our house this morning as I was preparing to have 10 toddlers, 2 infants and 24 adults in my tiny house. Dan’s Dad was in from out of town and fortunately they were staying with us, so we were able to leave Ada behind and run up to the hospital before her party and meet the baby! My sister was bummed she couldn’t be at Ada’s party, but Ada won’t remember, from now on we may be doing joint parties!

I am so excited for my sister to join the mommy club!! And so proud of her for enduring the longest labor ever!! I had no words of encouragement for her on that since Ada was born in a matter of about 7 hours, start to finish! (I got really lucky), but she did amazing and now she has the most exciting, tiring and rewarding days of her life ahead!

Apparently the pressure is back on me for the next baby again! Dang! Here’s a few more pics I took while we visited!



Summer Photo Shoot

Earlier this summer we won a free photo session with Shannon Glurich Photography . I was so excited about this for two reasons, I really wanted to do summer photos but Dan didn’t want to pay for them and I never win anything! We had the most perfect evening ever down at Beaver Island State Park. We did it before sun set and the light was amazing. Here are a few of my favorite shots! Thank you Shannon for the great family pictures!


Weekend recap

It was a fun weekend and really, really hot! We spent some more time playing outside with the hose and in the kiddie pool. The Thunderbirds we’re in town this weekend for the Niagara Falls Airshow. We debated going because it was so hot and traffic can be really bad in and out of the airbase, but we decided to risk it and try to go. My sister is 7 months pregnant so I was worried about her, and of course a toddler in any uncomfortable situation is a nightmare.  We went and had a lot of fun though!

airshow airshow 2 airshow 3

We had brunch with Dan’s family Sunday and for breakfast we had ostrich egg that his cousin brought. I’ve never seen an egg so big before. We poked a hole in the bottom and drained all the egg out so that we could preserve the shell. da thought it was pretty cool.

Huge Egg

And before we knew it, it was Monday again and we are back to work. Summer is going by too fast but we sure are enjoying it!

4th of July

Another fun summer weekend on the books! This is my absolute favorite of the year! I just love the 4th of July, it just makes me feel like summer. This one was a bit different, but still packed full of activities!

We started out by going to the baseball game Friday night, which was partially a bad idea since a 19 month old and a 2 ½ year old can hardly be expected to sit still for a game. I can hardly sit through one! We ended up spending a lot of time walking around! At 10pm they shot off fireworks and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra played music to the show! It was great and they did a phenomenal tribute to our soldiers and American history, by far the most patriotic thing I’ve ever done for independance day!

4th 3

Saturday the 4th, we took the kids to the beach, and they loved it! Ada has gotten over her fear of sand and she was all about it!

4th 2 4th DSC_0869 DSC_0897

That night, my sister and her husband Dan came over and we drove downtown to go watch the fireworks at canalside with like 15,000 people. It was a bit crazy but we made some good parking decisions and walked which was a life savor! It was another really great weekend!

DSC_0923 4th 4

Also Happy Birthday to my Sister-in-law Becky!!

Summer fun!

We have really been enjoying our summer lately. This is my favorite time of year leading right up to 4th of July! There is just so much going on and so much outside fun and sun time! This past week we’ve been taking full advantage of all the fun activities going on. There was a food truck rodeo happening last Thursday and everyone from my office decided to meet out and bring our families.

summerLast night we went downtown where the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra was playing in the park, It was packed with people, food trucks, ice cream and more!

BPO at Bidwell 2 Popsicles at BPO

We spent most of the weekend just eating popsicles and playing with the hose in the back yard! We also brought out the kiddie pool and sat poolside for awhile. Just a super fun summer livin’ kinda weekend. I wish everyday could be like this!
Poolside Hose fun Backyard fun